Owner Services

  1. Market Analysis and Projections – We conduct a market analysis for each property using market comparables and other market research to adjust the rent for maximization of tenant retention and owner profitability.
  2. Tenant Screening/Credit Report – We have a very detailed tenant screening process. We obtain a credit report; check several public websites to search for possible problems or evictions in progress; we cross-reference the information the applicant gives us with public records and the credit report to catch false information, we secure proof of their income, we run a criminal background check. We can access credit reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  3. Marketing/Leasing – We have a comprehensive marketing plan, which advertises your vacancy in as many different venues as possible. We advertise all properties the same and contract with Boveri Realty to assist with additional advertising and leasing.
  4. Rental Agreement – Our lease is very complete and covers every issue we have been advised to cover by attorneys. The specific agreement for your property will be tweaked and tailored to meet the needs of your property. As part of the rental agreement process we will obtain confirmation that the tenant has turned the utilities on in their name and we will get proof of renterʼs insurance.
  5. Available 24 Hours, 7 days a week with Emergency Maintenance Services – Tenants can contact us any time – day or night and a trained technician is on call 24/7 to meet emergency needs. Furnaces love to quit working on the coldest night of the year.
  6. Monthly Management Reports – Each month a report will be mailed or e-mailed to you, detailing all income and expenses. You will receive a year end report in January after all income and expenses for the prior year have been recorded.
  7. Detailed Invoices of Expenses – If we have provided any Maintenance services, you will also receive an Invoice that explains what we did in detail. You will know the date the service was completed, what was done, how many hours it took to complete and how much the materials cost.
  8. Enforcement of Lease Covenants – We monitor the tenants to see that they are taking care of the unit, that they have not moved in additional pets or switched pets. When we find a violation, we address the issue as needed.
  9. Effective Rent Collection – We are pro-active in collecting rent we will offer many payment options through our current bank. Then, if we do not have the rent by the 5th of the month, we take immediate action. We are extremely effective in getting the message across to tenants that the RENT MUST BE PAID! If necessary, we send the tenant a 3-Day notice to pay or vacate and usually make a phone call, too. If we still have not received the rent by the 15th, we are even more aggressive! This is an extremely effective process, when we are collecting hundreds of rents each month and only sending out 10-15 Late notices per month!
  10. Evictions – If the unfortunate circumstance occurs, where we do need to file eviction, we can handle everything for you. We work with an attorney who is great for your basic rent and possession filing along with more complicated issues, such as unlawful detainers due to drug involvement or lease violations.
  11. Real Estate Consulting – We assist owners in finding properties that make sense to purchase. Our involvement continues long after the Sale Commission is paid, so our interest goes beyond “Yes, buy that property!” We are able to look at the figures realistically and advise you of what you can truly expect in the future. If the property does not make sense financially, we have the experience to detect the problems and we will be honest and warn you of potential pitfalls.
  12. We don’t compete with you, the Owner – We DO NOT own any rental properties. We believe that is a conflict of interest and unethical. For example, if you have a vacant property and your Property Manager has a similar vacancy, which property do you think will be recommended first? With our belief in ethics, we do not allow the possibility of improper actions.
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